An excerpt from a text by anthropologist

"I am a social and cultural anthropologist. My studies are based on the
participant observation method; to wit, when I study a given community, I live
in its midst, follow the events, occurrences, and interactions between people.
This is what Neta and I have in common.

Neta easily fits into the frame of physical-cultural anthropology. Her modus
operandi is explicitly one of participant observation. Her work process is akin
to methodical study of the objects in nature. On the one hand, she focuses
on the object in order to uncover its secrets; on the other, she hovers in the
landscape so as not to miss even the minutest detail of a plant, a flower, a
bird, a tree, or a branch… Neta provides precise information about the
"society" which she explores: be it a tree, a flower, a thistle, a bench, a
footpath, a window, or various birds. Her etchings are rife with symbolism, of
beginnings, of hope…"

An excerpt from a text by anthropologist, Prof. Joseph Ginat for Neta Dor
Lemelshtrich's exhibition