NETA DOR Lemelshtrich
  • 1988 Acquisition Prize, Israel Graphotek, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1989 Certificate of Excellence for "Outstanding Achievement in Works on Paper" at the "Artitudes” competition , N.Y. U.S.A
  • 1993 Acquisition Prize, Israel Graphotek, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1994-5 3 first-class diplomas in 3 exhibitions, “Art Addiction” Gallery Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1995 Discount Bank Acquisition Prize, for Album No.10, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1997 Gold Medal and 3 diplomas “Art Addiction” Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1998 “Art Critics Prize”, Kobe, Japan
  • “Certificate of Merit”, Museum Correr Venice, Italy
  • Gold Medal, “4th Int.for Female Artists”, and 2 “Diplomas of Excellence”, Stockholm, Sweden
  • "Special Mention Award of Director and Board", Yan-Huang National Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China
  • 1999 Hyogo Governor’s Prize, Akashi Municipal Museum, “Special guest from Israel”,
    “French/ Japanese Cont. Art Ex, Japan
  • Niko Award “Kyoto 99” int exhibition, Kyoto fine arts Museum, Japan
  • Mayor of Kobe Prize, in “Selected International Artists”, Kobe, Japan
  • 2000 “Hyogo Prefecture Education Board Prize”, “Flora 2000”, Japan
  • 2001 Gold medal and Honorable Award “Nankin 2000”, Int. Art Exposition, Nankin Museum of Fine Arts, China
  •  “Jury Special Award” Int. Exhibition “Nihon Seiko Bijutsu Kai”,Tokyo Museum, Japan
  • Award of the "Zero Kai New Art Association", by jury's decision concerning foreign artists.
    Given to two foreign artists, Int. Exhibition, Municipal Fine Arts Museum, Osaka, Japan.
  • Diploma of Excellence, Spring ARTinternet, ex., Palazzo Correr, Venice, Italy,
  • Gold medal Int. exhibition. City Museum, Kurashiki, Japan,
  • “Best Artist Prize”, “Seiko” Int. Ex. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japan,
  • 2002 Gold Medal, Int. Exhibition, Fine Arts Municipal Museum, Nagoya, Japan
  • 2003 Gold Medal, “Prix du Comite d’Enseignement de Hyogo” Haradno-mori
    Gallery, at the Kobe Prefecture Museum, Int .Exchange Ex., Japan
  • 2004 Gold Medal, "Kobe Mayor prize", International Art Exhibition, Fine Arts
    Municipal Museum, Kobe, Japan
  • 2004, Dec Presient of SEIKO Art Prize, SEIKO ART Exhibitions at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo,Japan
  • 2005, Feb Special Mention of Jury Prize, Fine-arts Exhibition, "REN TEN ", Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan
  • 2005 June Int. art exchange exhibition, Municipal Art Museum, Kobe, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Gold Medal Prize
  • 2006 "REN TEN" Fine-arts Exhibition, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prize, Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Jaqpan,
  • 2006 June, IAC Grand-Prix, Gold Medal, int. annual fine arts exh. Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan,
  • 2008 International Gold Prize, Int .Art exhibition at Sun Yat-sen national memorial hall in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2013 Prize from: the  President of all Japan Art News Paper, Mr Matsubara
    “The officer of a Critic of art association”